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Hou Ji


Hou Ji, Chinese Prince Millet, was said to be the ancestor of the Western Zhou Dynasty (11 century to 771BC) that followed the Shang Dynasty (17 century to 11 century BC). He was supposedly a high official in charge of agriculture during the reigns of Yao and Shun -- the legendary emperors in ancient times.

According to Chinese legend, Hou Ji was originally a hero of royal descent. His ancestor was the Yellow Emperor. He was said to be the first person who grew millet and wheat in China. He also taught people how to grow crops.

Hou Ji was worshiped by generations of Chinese farmers as Primogenitor for bringing agricultural knowledge to the Chinese. Tang, the founder of the Shang Dynasty (c. 1600-1066 BC), made him Prince of the Millet. In Western Zhou Dynasty, all officials in charge of agriculture were called Hou Ji in honor of Huo Ji's contribution to farming.

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