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Xie Jun


Xie Jun, born in the city of Baoding in Central China's Hebei Province, was one of China's best chess players. The discreet and self-possessed chess player is good at seizing the right moment to strike with a sharp style, having won a lot of championships. She often competed against male grandmasters with good results.

Xie started to learnXiangqi(Chinese chess) at the age of 6 and turned to chess four years later.

In 1984, she finished 1stin the youth team and 6thin the adult team in a national chess competition and became a national master of chess. In 1988, she was promoted to an international grandmaster. One year later, she was a runner-up in an international invitational competition held in Poland. 

On October 29, 1991, she beat the former Soviet Union grandmaster of chess Maia Chiburdanidze to win the championship, becoming the first world chess champion outside Europe and ending the 41-year monopoly of Soviet Union players over chess. Two years later, she beat Nana Ioseliani and defended her title.

In 1995, she and several other women chess stars beat the men's chess stars in an international competition. The following year, she lost to a Hungarian player in the defense of her world championship.

In 1998, Xie helped China win the Olympic chess team title. The following year, she beat her Russian opponent to regain the world championship.

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