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Chinese Xiangqi Association


The Chinese Xiangqi Association, a national non-governmental organization based in Beijing, was established in 1962. It is a member of the All-China Sports Federation. In November 1978, it became one of the founding members of the Asian Xiangqi Federation. In 1975, the International Xiangqi Federation formally accepted China as a member.

Tasks of the association are:

* to promote the popularity of and public participation in the game;

* to develop the game as it is an important part of Chinese culture;

* to train amateur youth players and select elite youth players;

* to organize and host international and national competitions;

* to formulate management rules on players, coaches and judges;

* to formulate evaluation system of players, coaches and judges;

* to work out the competition systems and game rules;

* to conduct international exchanges;

* to organize research programs.

There are the National Committee, the Secretariat, the Technical Committee, the Judges Committee, the Coaches Committee, the Press and Publication Committee, the Youth Affairs Committee, the Studying Committee, the Membership Committee and the Entrepreneurs Committee under the association.

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