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Qiu Shaoyun Memorial Hall


The Qiu Shaoyun Memorial Hall, located at Tongliang County of Sichuan Province and opened to the public in October 1962, is a museum of Chinese revolutionary figures. It was established in memory of Martyr Qiu Shaoyun, a volunteer army man winning the titles of Special Meritorious Fighter and Class One Hero in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea.

The monument to Martyr Qiu Shaoyun stands in front of the memorial. It is 10 meters tall with the characters of Monument to Martyr Qiu Shanyun engraved in the front of the monument and the martyr's biography on the back. On the top of the monument stands a 5-meter-tall sculpture of Qiu Shaoyun and in the front of the pedestal is a relief pattern composed of a golden star medal, an olive branch and a submachine gun.

The exhibition hall of Qiu Shaoyun's deeds takes up an area of 1,700 square meters, consisting of the vestibule, a showroom of paintings and calligraphies, and four exhibition rooms of the martyr's heroic deeds. On display are more than 190 historical relics showing the brilliant life of Martyr Qiu Shaoyun, such as the things left behind by the martyr, pictures, the inscriptions of leaders of the central authorities, the certificate and medal bestowed by Chairman Kim-il Sung of the Korean Government as well as the gifts presented to the martyr's dependents.

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