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Culture Insider: 5 things you may not know about Rain Water

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Rain Water this year starts on Feb 19 and ends on Mar 5.

Chinese New Year - Just Share it!

With celebrations marking the New Year spreading from the Chinese mainland to nearly all parts of the world in recent years, we have decided to launch the global online contest Chinese New Year – Just Share it!

Nine tales about Chinese jade

Why do the Chinese hold jade in such esteem? Through the following nine tales, from myth and historical records, you may get a glimpse of Chinese people’s reverence for jade.

Thousands worship Jade Emperor of Heaven in Fujian

More than 3,000 devotees from both sides of the Taiwan Straits attended the worship ceremony of Jade Emperor of Heaven at Tianbao Yuzun Palace in Zhangzhou city of Southeast China's Fujian province in the early morning of Feb 27, 2015.

New York Philharmonic rings in Year of Sheep with concert

On Tuesday, the New York Philharmonic rang in the Year of the Sheep with its fourth annual Chinese New Year concert.


5th Beijing International Film Festival will be in mid-April

The fifth Beijing International Film Festival (BIFF) is scheduled to run from April 16 to 23.