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Shanxi in the Eyes of Foreigners
Food prepared for Dragon Boat Festival in Zhejiang
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Cultural Insider: Chinese chieftain system

China's chieftain heritage sites will be considered by the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee, which opened in Bonn, Germany on June 28, for a listing as world cultural heritage this week.

China's Tusi sites listed as world heritage

China's chieftain heritage sites, mainly concentrated in the mountainous areas of Hunan, Hubei and Guizhou in southeast China, was inscribed in the World Heritage List on Saturday.

Tax is the main obstacle to reclaiming Chinese cultural relics

At least 10 million Chinese artifacts are scattered overseas. Yet a tax on reclaimed items remains the biggest obstacle separating China's domestic market from antiques lost overseas.

Inner Mongolia: Futuristic landscape drumming with tradition

The third cultural discovery tour was hosted by the Ministry of Culture in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. I joined the tour, along with a group of diplomats and others, as a guest of the ministry.

Focus: popular Chinese grassroots poets

The popularization of Chinese grassroots poets in the first half of 2015 drew Chinese critics' attention, and caused a social controversy on the cultural value of grassroots poets.


Wang Gang's personal art exhibition held in Beijing

Chinese artist Wang Gang's personal exhibition of oil paintings, Heaven and Earth, opened at the Chinese Academy of Oil Painting in Beijing on Monday.