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  Carving a History on Stones
Han painted stones are reliefs found in the tombs of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - 220 A. D.), one of the strongest periods in China's history. Each piece is an epitome of an aspect of the culture and life of the Dynasty.
China's Musical Instruments
Ancient Chinese believed music could purify people's minds. Confucius himself was a famous music enthusiast.
      A gallery of contemporary, modern and avant-garde Chinese art, exploring the current cultural prosperity and displaying the continuity and development of Chinese culture in the new century.    
      Tang Tri-colored Glazed Pottery, Changxin Palace Lantern, Jade Clothes Sewn With Golden Thread´ unveil astonishing Chinese craftsmanship    
      Best site to explore underground palaces, terracotta warriors and horses, thousand-year-old mummies ...

      Tightrope-walking, plates spinning on poles, grinning contortionists fold in half? Chinese acrobatics is a dizzying pinnacle of artistic achievement

      The soul of Chinese fine arts manifests the basic features of all Chinese arts...

      Chinese literature, with 3,000 years of development, rivals any great literature worldwide...

      Great Wall, Mogao Grottos, Temple of Heaven´ exhibit talents of Chinese architects

      Chinese painting is unique by employing Xuan paper (or silk), brush, ink and mineral and vegetable pigments ...

      Archaeological finds prove Chinese music dates back at least 7,000-8,000 years

      With diverse styles and multi-ethnic customs, Chinese dancing brings out the true colors of China

      Chinese Opera, eponymous with Greek tragicomedy and Indian Brahma opera, is a memorable experience for non-Chinese visitors...

      Storytelling, comic dialogues, clapper talks, ballad singing... Come and enjoy this oriental exoticism

      Chinese drama, originated from the west, is a unique weapon for Chinese artists against foreign invasion in the late 19th century

      Zhang Yimou, Gong Li, Jackie Chan...Chinese film, a borrowed art from the West, is increasingly luring worldwide attention