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City Ruins of the Yuan Dynasty in Jining

Location: Jining, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region

Period: Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) 

Excavation period: April 2002-November 2003

Inner Mongolian Cultural Relics Archeological Research Institute, led by Chen Yongzhi 


Jining City, located in the South Central Autonomous Region of Northern China, was long known as the center of a large grazing area for ancient nomadic herders.

The site of the ancient city lay right on the blueprint for the highway between Hohhot , capital of Inner Mongolia, and Jining city, located slightly to the northeast. The ruins were discovered during a highway construction survey by a team of archaeologists in 2002, which lead to a yearlong excavation project covering an area as large as 22,045 square meters.

The square ancient site is 940 meters long from south to north and 640 meters wide from west to east, with well-preserved city walls in the east and the north (now measuring 5-6 meters in width and 0.5-2.5 meters in height). The city walls in the west and the south, however, were destroyed. Inside the city site are six vertical roads and seven horizontal ones dividing the ancient city into 31 blocks.
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