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China State General Sports Administration

China State General Sports Administration is a national administrative organization.

Its missions include:

1. developing and implementing a national policy framework

2. providing guidance to the reform of sports industry, carrying out the long and medium term strategy for national sports development, and promoting harmonious regional sports development

3. increasing physical activity opportunities and participation by an increasing number of people with better health outcomes and quality of life for all Chinese

4. planning the development of China's athletic sports, coordinating the national sports events and games

5. fighting against drug use and other unfair competition measures

6. supervising international exchanges, enhancing cooperation with other countries and regions, especially with Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao

7. organizing participation in major international sports events, and assisting the host of such events in China

8. supporting research and development of sports, and promoting the application of major achievements

9. implementing policies governing sports industry, developing sports market, formulating criteria for sports businesses

10. examining the eligibility of national sports associations

11. undertaking other projects under the State Council

Organizational structure:

the General Office, the Public Sports Department, the Athletic Sports Department, the Sports Economy Department, the Policy Research Department, the Human Resources Department, the International Cooperation Department, the Science and Education Department, the Public Relations Department, the Party Committee, the Supervisory Bureau, the Bureau of Retired Cadres, the Management Center of Bicycle, Motorcycle and Swordplay Sports, the Management Center of Track and Field, the Management Center of Swimming, the Management Center of Gymnastics, the Management Center of Basketball, the Management Center of Volleyball and so on.

Address: No.5 Tiyuguan Street, Beijing 100763, PRC

Tel(86-10) 67112233

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