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Hebei Television

Hebei Television (HEBTV) began broadcasting on February 16, 1969. Its signals cover 87 percent of Hebei Province, all parts of Beijing and Tianjin municipalities. It also covers parts of Shandong, Henan and Shanxi provinces and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. More than 120 million people enjoy access to the programs the television provides.

It has two channels, broadcasting 136 hours of programs. It also rebroadcasts programs from two other television stations. Besides, HEBTV broadcasts 2 hours of programs to North America each month via the Oriental Satellite Television.

HEBTV-1, a comprehensive channel, broadcasts programs in news, arts, movies and plays. Its major programs are Hebei News Broadcast (Hebei Xinwen Lianbo), Economy Watch (Jingji Guancha), Society Focus (Shehui Shidian), Movie World (Dianying Da Shijie) and Sports Circle (Titan Neiwai).

HEBTV-2 focuses on economy. Its major programs include Economy Watch (Jingji Guancha), Economy Express (Jingji Chuanzhen), Securities Today (Jingri Zhengquan) and Economy Life (Jingji Shenghuo).

The television station has three studios. Both the 800-square-meter and 400-square-meter studios are equipped with digital devices.