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Hainan Television

Hainan Television (HNTV), established in August 1982, began broadcasting on October 1, 1984.  It has three channels.

Signals of HNTV-1, a comprehensive channel, reach 85 percent of Hainan Province and parts of Guangdong Province and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, accessible to 7.5 million viewers. Major programs of HNTV-1 include Hainan News Broadcast (Hainan Xinwen Lianbo), Xinwen Weekly (Xinwen Zhoukan), Economy World (Jingji Tiandi), Hainan Island (Zhonguo You Ge Hainandao),  TV Court  (Dianshi Fating) and Sun Flower (Taiyang Hua).

HNTV-2, a wired channel, broadcasts such programs as Hainan News Broadcast (Hainan Xinwen Lianbo) and Tourism Information (Lvyou Shikong).

HNTV-3, also a wired channel, provides general news and information about finance, stocks and real estate.

HNTV has five studios, including a 1,000-square-meter one and 400-square-meter one. It is now digitizing its broadcast devices and will adopt nonlinear editing technique and digital compression technology in program transmission.