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China Women's News

Founded in October 1984 in Beijing, China Women's News is the only nationwide newspaper that focuses on women's lives by reporting on social and economic news in China. It specializes in reporting on social problems such as marriage, family, and childcare issues. 

As for the primary readership of the newspaper, 72% are female readers. 44% of the readers age from 18 to 35. Those aged 36 to 60 account for 52%. 88.8% of the readers are high school graduates. 91% of the readers read the newspaper through corporate or organizational subscription.

Directed by the All China Women's Federation, China Women's News was established for the cause of the equality, liberation, and development of women, to protect the rights and interests of women and children, to serve their benefits, as well as encourage women to take part in social affairs.

The newspaper was a weekly at the first beginning. Now it is a daily newspaper in folio size. It has four pages for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; eight pages for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It has special pages focusing on news, children and women, and columns like Women and Society, Marriage and Family, Women in Work, Children and Future and so on.

Its special supplements are News Watch and Family Weekend respectively. Rural Women Knowing All, the only monthly magazine dedicated to country women, was also published by China Women's News in1993.