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Records of the Three Kingdoms

Sanguo Zhi (Records of the Three Kingdoms) is a historical record on the Three Kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu, written mainly in the form of a series of biographies. This book was written by Chen Shou in the Jin Dynasty (265-420), annotated by Pei Songzhi in the Song State (420-479) of the Southern Dynasty (420-589). 30 volumes are about the history of the Wei Kingdom; 15 volumes, the Shu;,20 volumes, the Wu. It has been regarded as one of the Qian Si Shi (the Preceding Four Official Historical Records) in the ancient official history in the form of a series of biographies, the other three are Shiji (The Records of the Great Historian), Hanshu (History of the [Former] Han Dynasty) and Hou Han Shu (History of the Later Han Dynasty).

Chen Shou (233-297) was born in Anhan, Baxi of the Shu Kingdom (the northern Nanchong, Sichuan Province, southwestern China). Pei Songzhi (372-451) was born in Wenxi, Hedong (today's Shanxi Province in Midwestern China).

The exact compiling time of this book is still unknown today. The book recorded the key and important persons of that period, covering politics, economy, military, as well as academy, literature and science. In addition, the histories of the ethnic minorities in China and of the neighboring countries are also included in it.