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Alias: Water fairy, exquisite jade, daffodil flower, nvshi flower, heaven shallot, elegant garlic.

Family Name: Amaryllidaceae

1. Morphological Character:      

Daffodil is a perennial herb. Its underground bulb looks like onion, oviod or long ovoid. The scarfskin is brown involucra. The leaf is narrow and zonal. The scape is hollow in the middle and flat tube-shaped. Usually there are several to more than 10 scapes in one bulb, and there are several to more than 10 flowers in one scape, constituting a corymb.

The Chinese daffodil belongs to the amaryllis genus. Daffodil is a perennial herb. Because its bulb likes onion or garlic, it was called Elegant Garlic in the Six Dynasties and Heaven Shallot in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Subsequently, it obtained several smart and beautiful names, such as golden calix, silver desk, couple orchid, elegant guest, and woman star.

2. Common Species in China

Daffadil mainly comprises two species, single petal and multiple petals. The former has a white blue corolla and yellow sepals with golden coronal in the center like a calyx, and the flower has faint scents; hence it is called Jade Desk and Golden Calix. The flower can last for about half a month. The corolla of the latter has light yellow bottom and light white top, with more than 10 petals in a cluster. There is no clear assistant corolla. It is called Hundred-leaf Daffadil or Exquisite Jade. The flower can last for about twenty days.

The distribution of daffodils is limited to the east foot of Yuanshan Mountain, which is one of the eight famous scenic spots of Zhangzhou.