Liuzhou International Fantastic Stone Festival  

After the first day of Cold Dew, everything is bleak and chilly. You may feel melancholy in this season. The fantastic stones in Liuzhou, however, will help you forget the desolate atmosphere for a moment and you will be enchanted by the amazing creation of nature.

1. The organizers:

Liuzhou People's Government, China Stones Association, Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, and Chinese Collectors Association

2. Sponsor:

Gardens Bureau of Liuzhou City and Liuzhou Stones Association

3. Co-organized by:

Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Department of Liuzhou, Investment Promotion Bureau of Liuzhou City, Foreign and Overseas Affairs Office of Liuzhou, Receiving Office of Liuzhou.

Dear Sir or Madam,

With the theme of "Liuzhou, the Stone City of China – realizing your dream of enjoying the stone,” the 6th Liuzhou International Fantastic Stone Festival will be held from October 12, 2010 to October 17. You are warmly invited to take part in this distinguished exhibition.

The Stone Festival this year is held in the newly-built Malushan Stone Exhibition Hall. With its magnificent momentum and grand scale, it will be a characteristic, creative, participative, and harmonious activity to show the culture and development of the Liuzhou economy. At that time, all the stone fans will gather here, to communicate, exchange culture, make friends and enjoy the festival. In the festival, you can experience not only the amazing elegance of the fantastic stones but also the deep cultural heritage of Liuzhou. At the same time, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery, appreciate the folk customs and culture, or find potential business opportunities. All fans and groups are warmly welcomed to take part in the exhibition. We look forward your visit with great anticipation.

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