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Treasures in Nanjing Museum


The Nanjing Museum is located inside the Zhongshan Gate of Nanjing City. Its predecessor was known as the Central Museum Preparatory Location. The complex of buildings represents an amalgamation of east and west, with the great hall copying the style of a Liao-dynasty palace.

The Nanjing Museum currently has some 400,000 objects in its collections, among which are some of the most famous objects in China. These include the only complete set of “jade suits sewed with silver thread” in China, which are world renowned. The Museum also has objects excavated by archaeologists in the early part of the twentieth century that were moved to Nanjing when the Palace Museum moved southward. These include excavations in Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu and other places. Collections also include artifacts from the southwest parts of China of the Naxi tribe, the Yi tribe, the Miao tribe, and other national minorities.

At the end of 2007, the “Representative treasures of the Nanjing Museum” event, chosen through public appraisal, attracted attention. 18 items on display in the Nanjing Museum won this selection after the voting from experts and residents, various from relics of the Paleolithic Age to the Ming Dynasty, including gold plates, stone wares, jade articles, bronzes, porcelains, paintings and calligraphy. Every one of these collections is a unique rarity, representing the 5,000 year civilization of the Chinese people. Now, let’s begin the time trip with 6 of these treasures!

Gold gilt Tibetan Buddhist pagoda

The gold gilt Tibetan Buddhist pagoda in the Nanjing Museum is solemn and elegant with shining luster. This precious artwork has an interesting origin.

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