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Flash mob chorus strikes in Beijing’s CBD

2014-01-02 11:17:53


A flash mob’s appearance at the China World Trade Center has caused quite a buzz. Their performance was a pleasant surprise for many onlookers in Beijing’s hectic business district. And, a video of the event has gone viral on social networks.

The China World Trade Center, or Guomao, lies in the hustle and bustle of Beijing’s central business district. But when a flash mob chorus appears, busy people all stop in their tracks. At first they’re astonished, but it isn’t long before some join the mob as well, singing and dancing along.

Singer Meng Nan

Singer Meng Nan says she was overwhelmed by the reaction.

"I was the first one to start singing, so I was really nervous. But when more and more people gradually joined us, it was amazing." said Meng Nan, Singer.

Wang Yang is a staff member at the China World Trade Center and a member of the flash mob. He says he has watched people come and go every day, but never seen them like this.

"Everyone was so relaxed and so happy. They were all enjoying the moment." said Wang Yang, Chorus Member.

The performance lasted for over 11 minutes, spinning several classic Chinese songs. The flash mob was organized by Chien-fu Li, an established musician from Taiwan. He organized the first flash mob performance in Taipei.

"It took the team over 4 months to prepare the surprise performance. Yet, honestly, we weren’t sure we could pull it off in Beijing, because we were facing a different audience. But it turned out great!" said Chien-Fu Li, Flash Mob Organizer.

Li says he intends to spread friendliness and happiness to the audience, and that’s exactly what music can do.

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