Crop drying during raining season in Eastern China
Yang'esha Cultural Festival marked in SW China's Guizhou
Traditional class attracts many children in Lanzhou
Inner Mongolia: Futuristic landscape drumming with tradition
Share Asian arts and win a free tour to China
Shanxi in the Eyes of Foreigners

Share Asian arts and win a free tour to China!

The 14th Asia Arts Festival "Just Share it" contest is now in full swing. The top three winners will be able to attend the opening ceremony of the 14th Asia Arts Festival, and will also receive a round trip ticket to Quanzhou and an insider's tour of the city that has a rich history as the starting point of the Silk Road.

Mongolian man on a musical mission

Since that heady introduction to playing the ancient matouqin, or horse-head fiddle, nine years ago, when Bodee Borjigin was 9 years old, his infatuation for the most important musical instrument of the Mongolian ethnic group never seems to have waned.

Closing the distance for Chinese literature abroad: Sinologist

Dutch Sinologist Annelous Stiggelbout talks about her oberservation of Chinese literature translation in the Netherlands.

Letters of acceptance delight Chinese freshmen

This year, universities and colleges are putting more effort on letters of acceptance to show their individuality and appeal more to students.

Meet Bill Kong, man behind screen hit Moster Hunt

The country's film industry breeds larger-than-life personalities, but the ultimate film producer prefers low profile and plain speaking.