Chinese Opera 'Legend of White Snake' performed on Finnish stage
Traditional 'Anzhaonadun' festival celebrated in Qinghai
Gifts of love in ancient China
Amazing scenes of autumn
Story of monk tour guide in Tibet
Rafters on Jiangxi's Luxi River depend on tourism

Spreading peace through songs

Songs we sang tell a lot about who we are, and also what we have always believed in. So, if you happen to be a pacifist and want more people to hear you, why not let the songs speak?

Palace Museum to display China's Mona Lisa

The Palace Museum in Beijing will display authentic Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival (Qingming Shanghe Tu) from September 8 to November 8 in an exhibition titled "The Precious Collection of the Stone Moat".

China's important contribution to WWII little known to Europeans

China made a very important contribution to the victory in the World War II (WWII), which was little known to Europeans, former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has said.

Inhuman atrocities: Japanese Unit 731 during WWII

The site of Unit 731 is by far the largest historical monument to biological warfare in world war history. Evidence of Japanese crimes against humanity is on display.

Reopened anti-Japanese war museum attracts Chinese visitors

More than 400,000 people have visited the Museum of the War of Chinese People's Resistance against Japanese Aggression since it reopened July 8 following a five-month renovation.