Latin America celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year

Latin American countries have enthusiastically embraced the Chinese New Year with dance and music performances, some of them by acclaimed Chinese troupes.

Community event held to celebrate Chinese New Year in New York

A free community event held to celebrate the Chinese New Year at Lincoln Center, New York, Feb. 9, 2016.

Chinese Spring Festival goes global, holds universal values

Fourteen-year-old Chen Yiyue, who is half-Chinese, half-French, has always relished the atmosphere of a Chinese Spring Festival celebration.

Chinese disabled artists perform to celebrate Lunar New Year in Panama

Chinese disabled artists perform during an event to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, in Panama City, capital of Panama.

Hong Kong holds parade to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year

Actors perform during a parade in Hong Kong, south China, on Feb. 8, 2016, in celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year.


Peking Opera finds a colorful new canvas

Dressed in lavish costumes, makeup and exquisite headdresses, two actresses from China National Peking Opera Company, perform extracts from two well-known Peking Opera works.