The first Sino-French Forum: A continuous effort of cultural communication

Beijing hosted the first Sino-French Cultural Forum on Thursday, with Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong and former French Premier Jean-Pierre Raffarin making an appearance at the opening ceremony.

Dance dramatizes romantic verse of Tsangyang Gyatso

The revised version of dance drama “Originates from the Love Poem of Tsangyang Gyatso” was staged in Gangca county in Qinghai province on May 26.

Vietname students want to be bridges between Vietnam and China

As many as 15 students who are studying a Chinese language major at 11 universities in northern Vietnam were selected to take part in the competition in Vietnam's capital Hanoi on May 25.

Jean Jacques Annaud: I had my best times in China

French director Jean Jacques Annaud said his love for China was not a grown-up experience, but a passion rooted from his childhoodyears.

Home away from home

Iraqi translator and editor Abbas Kdaimy has spent nearly two decades explaining Chinese society and culture to the Arab world.


Sculpture exhibition on in Shanghai

Life-size sculptures of plump women, often in gravity-defying postures, are on display at the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai.