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Happy Chinese New Year: From China to the World

Just as the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing united the whole world with "one dream", today, Chinese New Year is becoming a world festival.

Chinese Embassy in Britain starts plan for 'Happy Chinese New Year'

The Cultural Section of the Chinese Embassy in Britain held an official reception and a press conference on Jan 20 to mark 'Happy Chinese New Year'.

Celebrate La Ba with porridge and garlic

The La Ba (腊八) Festival is celebrated on the eighth (ba, 八) day of the 12th month (la yue 腊月). It is one of the most important traditional festivals in Chinese culture.

Modern Kunqu: different from a heritage

Kunqu, one of the earliest genres of drama in China, finds itself in a dilemma as it tries to reinvigorate interest in it in contemporary China.

Taiwan screenwriter may join China Film and Literature Association

Taiwan-based author and screenwriter Chiung Yao may become the first member at China Film and Literature Association who is not from the Chinese mainland.


5th Beijing International Film Festival will be in mid-April

The fifth Beijing International Film Festival (BIFF) is scheduled to run from April 16 to 23.